The Team

Team Leader/concept designer: Debbie Solan

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Debb moved to San Diego in 2001.
Her artistic experience includes pottery, painting, glass making and photography. Debbie's love of art is life long, self-taught and compulsive. Her current work includes large scale graphic paintings which incorporate glass tile mosaic and broken mirror. She is motivated by the use of color and its ability to affect mood. She is co-founder of Fusionglass Co., a San Diego gallery and working studio focused on promoting the arts through exhibitions and teaching programs & founder of Idea Field a local studio and gallery offering creative space to individuals looking for a place to work and be inspired.

Marjorie Pezzoli
A San Diego silk artist whose color and imaging technique has captured the attention of San Diego designers. With elegant artistry and a penchant for pattern, Marjorie is inspired by the inner fire of glass, the sheen of silk, and the play and flow of color on fabric. Each of her signature pieces is uniquely crafted using high quality color fast dye and the precise ‘Pezzoli’ touch. The style and charm of her wearable silks are sure to be a winner in any wardrobe.
Workshops & classes available.

Angela Lafin
Helps to bring out change in you with her Aesthetician skills.

Jeff Mills

Brings his engineering skills to merge electronics & art.

Contributing Artists:

Leah B. Carter Metal Works, handmade jewelry & mixed metals

Julia Dent, Raw Food Chef